classroom guidelines: RRHS

The purpose of discipline in the classroom is to assist in creating an environment that promotes the highest quality of instruction, meeting the individual needs of the students. ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH IS STIMULATED IN A CLASSROOM WHERE THE STUDENTS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEMSELVES AND PRACTICE SELF-DISCIPLINE AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS. In case of confrontations, each student will be dealt with fairly and equally, on an individual basis (except when assistance is needed) without compromising the needs and interests of the entire class.

In Mr. Lutz’s class you will:
1. Be on time, every day.
2. Treat others respectfully.
3. Have only four people at each table.
(except for classes over 32 students)
4. Work hard the entire class.
5. Remove your hood and sunglasses.
(Hats may not cover your ears.)

In Mr. Lutz’s class:
1. Do not use your phone/media device.
2. Do not use profanity.
3. Do not leave without permission.
4. Do not waste class supplies.
5. Do not eat in class.