make up points

Students with excused absences may complete the following alternative assignment in order to make up an employability skills assignment. You must submit one alternative assignment for each day of the excused absence. Complete items A-E about an artist selected from the list below (start at the top of the list). Your answers must be hand-written in paragraph form. Turn the paper into Mr. Lutz with your name on top and include the date you were absent. This must be submitted within the time constraints as prescribed in the student handbook.

A. When was the artist born and when did he die?
B. Where was the artist born? In what nations did he work as an adult?
C. Describe a major event in history that occurred during the artist’s lifetime.
D. Describe one of the artist’s pieces and the materials used to make it.
E. Explain something interesting that happened to the artist during his lifetime.

Drawing and Painting Artists

01. Leonardo da Vinci
02. Rene Magritte
03. Janet Fish
04. Marc Chagall
05. Pablo Picasso
06. M.C. Escher
07. Albrecht Durer
08. el Greco
09. Diego Rivera
10. Salvador Dali

Pottery and Sculpture Artists

01. Jeff Koons
02. Pablo Picasso
03. Claes Oldenburg
04. Louise Nevelson
05. Judy Chicago
06. Alexander Calder
07. Edgar Degas
08. Auguste Rodin
09. Alberto Giacometti
10. Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Introduction to Visual Art

01. Pablo Picasso
02. Claude Monet
03. Alfred Stieglitz
04. Kathe Kollwitz
05. Maya Lin
06. Chuck Close
07. Grant Wood
08. Ansel Adams
09. Hokusai
10. Claus Oldenburg