philosophy of education

I became a teacher because it allows me to have direct contact with students, enabling me to positively impact their lives and help them develop to their fullest potential, both personally and artistically. I am committed to the highest quality of instruction, challenging the students to develop the fundamentals of art, and encouraging them to move beyond their personal expectations to new standards of creativity, craftsmanship, and work ethic. My intention is to treat each student as an individual, taking into consideration their abilities, without compromising the needs and interests of the entire class.

The goal of the RRHS Art curriculum is to provide the framework which will allow every student the opportunity to:

1. further study and succeed in a university or art institute.
2. be a well-rounded art student who appreciates all aspects of the visual arts.
3. succeed academically as well as artistically by setting and enforcing high standards and expectations.
4. acquire a strong foundation of art in various media, art history, and the elements and principles of design; students will also explore various career options in the visual arts.
5. develop a high level of citizenship and respect toward others and their positions without compromising one's individuality.

It is the belief that the arts in education has the power to transform, uplift and motivate students to success. It is a proven fact that students who participate in the arts generally score higher on standardized tests, have a stronger sense of self esteem, and a positive creative outlet. The Rio Rancho High School Visual Arts students will stretch their creativity, craftsmanship, work ethic, and develop higher order thinking skills. They will challenge themselves to higher goals through an integrated program of visual arts that incorporates several genres and traditions.