Vans Custom Culture, 2010 National Champions

Top Row: Gabrielle Rashad, Michael Marcum, Natalie Perkins, Brad Everett, Kyle Mazzei, Audrey Moss, Raquel Chavez
Middle Row: Alyssa Beck, Kyrsten Pruitt, Sonya Ibarra
Bottom Row: Darina Linnik, Stephanie Kirts, James Joseph, Christiana Wolski, Kelly Squires, Emily Russell, Hannah Mercek
Not Shown: Jacob Lutz, Josh Kanawite, Matthew Lutz


In 2010, nineteen students from Rio Rancho High School competed against teams from 326 registered high schools across the United States to win the first Vans Custom Culture shoe design contest.

In the first round of the contest, Vans selected the top 5 schools in each region. Round two involved a challenging online voting campaign; Rio Rancho emerged as number one in the Southwest. At the final round at the Orange County Museum of Art in California, a panel of celebrity judges awarded Rio Rancho the grand prize of $10,000. Upon returning home, the prize money was shared among all the Fine Arts teachers at Rio Rancho High School.

Vans fully funded all the transportation, accommodations (four days/ three nights), food, entertainment (Disney Land), and other expenses for the trip from Albuquerque to Huntington Beach, CA for team members and chaperones; it was amazing! The images of RRHS Vans Art Shoes were featured in an advertisement in Juxtapoz magazine and on billboards in NYC. The experience would have been impossible without the artistically gifted and hard working students of Rio Rancho, the support of the local community, and God's blessing. Thank you for an amazing experience, Vans!


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